Thursday, March 11, 2010

[REVIEW] Need - Carrie Jones

Carrie Jones

Need (Need Pixies, Book 1)

Bloomsbury (US: 8th December 2009; CA: 22nd December 2009; UK: 1st February 2010; AU: April 2010)

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Zara White has moved from South Carolina to Maine, and it seems her stalker has come, too. She already has enough problems, following her beloved stepdad’s death, and her mother sending her away to live with her grandmother. Also, boys have been disappearing from Zara’s new neighbourhood…

Zara is one of the most appealing protagonists in recent fiction. Her obsession with phobias is realistic, and the reason behind her interest really gets to the heart. Her passion and participation in Amnesty International’s work is inspiring and endearing. Also, she’s not the traditional kick-arse heroine; she actually gets rather upset upon realising she’s grabbed someone’s arm. I’m anti-violence, so Zara’s conscience is most welcome and appreciated.

Her grief is so believable, and she never falls into emo moods. She does appear rather in denial at some stage, which is bloody frustrating for the reader, but is also understandable.

Betty is a lot like other grandmothers in fiction – totally kick-arse, and with her wits together. And yet those traits don’t make her seem entirely real (probably due to my own experience with grandmothers). The missing boys subplot isn’t as harrowing as perhaps it should’ve been, so it felt kind of glossed over.

The story is adequate, but Zara is the true drawcard: refreshingly real, and with a personality both relatable and lovable.


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