Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Ishmael-By Daniel Quinn

Like the first Ishmael, the Sequel is just as good as the first. It is a must read, it makes you think, and not just a bit but a lot. About how we live and if it really is the right way to live. Why we have gangs and cults beacuse we need that tribe protection and how we as humans crave that. We sometimes forgot that yes we have the “best” country/way of life but maybe we lost so much to get here we don’t really anymore. We forgot that for not just thousands of hundreds of thousands of years we lived a much different way, and now we are trying to live this “taker” lifestyle and we are learning fast that we can’t. We are not only hurting out selves but the earth we live on.

It talks about law, religion, education, life, all things we need to think about more. There is not one to live life and I think we are learning that now, that before with all the tribes we miss that. So yes maybe we have all these fancy things but we are missing the elements in life we NEED like community, protect, health care, freedom, sense of security.

I could go on for pages but everyone should read them both. And don’t just read them or get mad but really think about it.


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