Sunday, March 7, 2010

A busy week and a book reveiw...

Yes I have had an extreemly busy week and I’ve not really stopped at all, then I got ill. So overall it hasn’t been the best of weeks! I’ve been reading lots though, although not as much because I haven’t had time! I finished three books so far. I will review two of them now.

Firstly The Double Eagle by James Twining.

I picked up this book in a rush at the library. I am looking out for Dan Brown competitors that I may just enjoy as much! I have to admit, I absolutely loved this book. Definetly is one of my favourites and is almost as good as Dan Brown. I loved the authors style of writing and the story was well paced and fast moving.

Before I tell you too much about the actual response I have to the book. It is about a theif Tom and an FBI agent called Jennifer. Both of the main characters end up working together after Tom is accused of stealing the rare Double Eagle coins. He strikes a deal with Jennifer, that if he helps find the coins then he will have his police record wiped in retur. He aggrees and their chase after the coins leads them across Europe.

As I was saying, the plot was adictive and although the book was a rather long one, it went so quickly that I ended up finishing and saying “Oh where did all that go”. I liked how James left the reader (me) hanging at the end of every chapter and i just had to read on and on and on! I loved the ending, usually this type of book is quite predictable but Oh My My… I was genuinly suprised and I loved it so much. I would reccomend it to everyone including Dan Brown fans. It was exciting and well written. I would definetly read it again.

My second book that I read was Falling Out of Fashion by Karen Yampolsky. I didn’t understand why the author bothered to write this story, it didn’t really even start to be honest. It began in the present tense and then it went back to the past and then carryed on in the past. The girl narrating it started telling all about her own history and then the story never began. I didn’t understand why she even bothered!! She told the story of her life basically and it was boring to read. I think that it would have been better if the book had focused on a couple of months of her life rather than all of it. It was sort of crammed into the book and it ended up not flowing very well from it. I wouldn’t reccomend this book to anyone, if you fancy a book like what I decribed then go ahead but I’m sorry it was just so bad.

This week… two very different books. In fact two completely different experiences! Thats what I enjoy about reading though, there is always that element that you’ll never know what lies behind the cover without reading it. And different words on different pages can really decide whether you will enjoy the book. To be honest every book has the same words in it, but everybooks words are arranged differently and this week I found out how the different arrangements of words can mean you either love it or hate it. Yes thats me done with my little theory. See you later. Meghan!!


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